Monday, April 30, 2012

Where a Poke is a Bag

Another student work sample from one of my really talented poets. I got this activity from Linda Christensen's Reading, Writing, and Rising Up by way of my wonderful high school English teacher.

Where I come from everyone has a truck,
There is always work to be done.
Where you judge by actions not appearances.
Biscuits and gravy is a famous meal.

The food is homemade and made from scratch
and the towns are small
Where ever'body knows everybody.
When the weather is nice
Everyone drives a classic.

Money isn't given, it's earned
By the work of your hands and sweat of your brow
Where respect is easier to lose than earn.

Where the flag is flown high
And in God we trust and we believe.
Where the mountains are home
During deer season.

Where are come from guns are owned with pride
And we dare the government to take them
Where you warsh dishes, worship the Lord,
And your neighbor lives down the holler.
Where I come from a poke is bag.

Does Student A have some things to learn about active voice? Sure. But that sort of self-reflection of home language at fourteen impresses the heck out of me.

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