Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tom Needs Your Help!

You can debate Virgil Goode's prudence in requesting a recount, but no matter what you decide, Tom Perriello needs your help to keep his offices open and his lawyers on retainer during the recount. You can click here to donate. Just a few dollars are sure to help ensure progressive leadership in the Virginia Fifth!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

All politics, all the time

The New York Times reports that Gov. Mike Huckabee will begin a book tour in Iowa later this month. Despite my utter exhaustion following my two weeks on the trail, I have to say that I love elections. I think that they represent a time citizens can have a conversation about the direction of our country, but I dislike all of this focus on national races. All politics is local. And, in this endless campaign cycle, I would really like to see politicos turn our attentions to state races next. In Virginia, the entire House of Delegates will be up for re-election. This election is exceptionally important as congressional redistricting ocurrs following the 2010 census.

So, let's stay away from Iowa and New Hampshire for a few years (a lot of people in NH seem to not be big primary fans, anyway) and focus on the elections that will continue to shape our nation and will actually happen this decade.