Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Update from First Block

Good morning friends! I'm rushing off to work in a few minutes, but I wanted to share something that happened in first block with one of my very toughest students.

Ms. T: We're going to do silent sustained reading today for just about fifteen minutes today so you can wet your whistle with your new books.

Student who is Typically Trouble (under his breath and upset about spending less time than usual on reading): Awww, man.

Student Who Loves to Call Out: What does wet your whistle mean?

Student who is Typically Trouble: Dude, you know what it means. Stop talking so we can start reading.

I've got approximately one and a half kids I can't quite get to in this class and just three and a half weeks left to do it, but I could have ended the school year on that exchange right there.

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