About Me

"Ms. T, you came out of the womb with a journal and pen, didn't you?" - Student J

I am an English teacher at a public, comprehensive high school in Central Virginia. Before teaching, I attended the University of Virginia, served as an Americorps VISTA in West Virginia, and worked as a tutor with students who were learning English. I grew up all over the South, but mostly in Appalachia (say it right or I'll throw an Apple-at-cha).

Outside of school, I love to read Game of Thrones, play old-time fiddle, and make food with all my wonderful friends. I recently began section hiking the Appalachian Trail and hope to finish the entire 2184 miles by August 2014 (if I can stop breaking my foot every few months).  My fairly awesome Plott hound Atticus will join me for most of the trip.

All of the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are mine and are not endorsed by any school division or educational institution.