Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thirty by 30

So, I know I have the terrible habit of posting about once a year, but I think I'm going to change that! In fact, blogging once a week is one of the thirty things I plan to do before turning 30. I've been inspired by my new friend Emily. Here's the list:

1. Visit NOLA

2. Visit India

3. Run the C’ville 10 miler

4. Publish an essay about education policy

5. Hike the AT

6. Work in Honduras

7. Start work on my doctorate

8. Become a National Board certified teacher

9. Go out West

10. Re-read the Frank Atkinson books about VA politics

11. Keep Atticus a healthy, happy dog

12. Send my parents on a trip to the Homestead

13. Throw a really great pig roast

14. Fall in love

15. Keep in touch with at least two students from every year I teach

16. Visit France

17. Drive in London

18. Stay at a convent for at least a week

19. Organize my finances (and keep them that way!)

20. Learn to fly fish and make my own flies

21. Raft the New River Gorge

22. Eat at the fancy new restaurant at the VMFA

23. Take my friend Bekah to a really nice ballet

24. Live in a city bigger than Charlottesville for at least one year

25. Go on a beach vacation where I do nothing but read, eat shrimp, and sip margaritas

26. Come up with a solid curriculum for grades 9 – 12 in Virginia

27. Blog at least once a week

28. Never give up on going to the gym at least four times a week

29. Help my brother sell his art

30. Decide there’s really no such thing as “settling down”

Also, I promise to keep y'all updated on my summer reading adventures. This summer I'll revisit the books I didn't get to last summer. I'm also starting The Moor's Last Sigh today for book club. Let me know if you'd like to read along with us!