Sunday, February 19, 2012

Student Work Sample

Sorry for the hiatus, friends. We're on the block system at my school, so I got to start a whole new school year in the middle of January. Things are finally starting to settle down into a routine.

Every six weeks, my students turn in a short paper where they respond to a number of (hopefully) creative prompts about whatever book they've chosen to read. The following is a response that lost a few points on conventions but gained a lot in hilarity while responding to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.

If I had to have pizza with a character from my book, it would be Gordy because he is smart. I would ask him about math, science, and computers. Just to be a nice and try to get him to talk. Then, after all the boring things about school are done, i would get him to do my homework because I need someone to do my work that doesn't have anything to do. If he does not want to do it then I will bribe him and if that does not work I will wipe his face with the pizza.

If it turns out bad, then I will order more pizza and make him eat till he is fat then order two more and tape slices to his face because h is a loser. Then I'd slap him with pizza because he is boring. Then we would get kicked out and never be able to come back until we are ninety-nine. The end.


Heather B. Quinn said...

I have my kiddos respond to a prompt about their books twice a week and always enjoy reading their responses! It's a great way to support independent, self-directed reading.

Maggie said...

Heather, let's nerdily share reading prompts! I will e-mail you my sheet of them.

Heather B. Quinn said...

Mine are here:

These are two of my inspirations:

I just re-started back at my #1 prompt because we're on a semester schedule. I should start adding the Friday prompts to the website.

And I still use my college e-mail if you want to send prompts I would LOVE that!