Friday, October 28, 2011

"I'm Going to Study Really Hard for My Vocab Quiz . . .

. . . so I can take it fast and get to work on the zombies." - Student R.

Yesterday, I introduced a modified version of my father's Zombie Apocalypse project. Students work in teams to plan reasonably for the impeding zombie apocalypse. We assume they will have one hour to prepare for an onslaught of Romero-style zombies. They will write 500-word essays and make a group presentation on Monday. Each group has a copy of The Zombie Surival Guide (thanks, friends!), Florida's zombie apocalypse plan, and links to sites such as the CDC's zombie blog.

The students are quietly working in groups, asking questions, working until the bell rings. Why can't every week be Zombie Week? Any other ideas for projects that are similarly engaging?

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