Sunday, October 12, 2008

"It lacks the throw-weight of 'Ron Reagan Jr. to Address Democratic Convention,' but it'll have to do."

While on my Nashville road trip (Old Crow Medicine Show and Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Ryman!), the political world still turned. My favorite news that I missed is Christopher Buckley's endorsement of Barack Obama. Buckley, the son of National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr., admits that his endorsement is not likely to be the end all of the campaign. I would, however, like to take the time to reflect on the GOP's recent dismissal of "cocktail conservatives."

I like the National Review. A group of people who paint themselves as fiscally conservative and socially libertarian are just fine in my book. Sure, I disagree with them on some points. If we had just let the states decide the segregation issue, for example, would we still be sending folks like Barack Obama to the back of the bus? Would two generations of black children have been denied the right to attend the best public schools available without Eisenhower calling in the 101st Airborne and nationalizing the Arkansas National Guard? Sometimes the national government has to take a stance on an issue -- and then enforce that stance -- or justice won't be done.

But these are political philosophy questions. We can respectfully disagree on methods of justice and still see both sides as smart, capable, patriotic people. It's the Republican Party's recent shift away from WFB's emphasis on reason that terrifies me. As a very wise man said recently, "It's like they take pride in being ignorant."

So, here's to you, Chris, and your whole National Review family. Let the debate the continue.

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