Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin? Oh, please.

Sorry for the break during such a fun, political time.

Let's rejoin our race in Dayton, Ohio where John McCain just insulted feminists across the country by suggesting that one woman equals another. That glass ceiling Palin referred to in her "speech" - don't you think it's positions such as McCain's disapproval of equal pay for equal work that have made that ceiling and kept it firmly in place? Feminism should be large enough to embrace pro-choice and pro-life positions. Feminism is the belief that women are people, too. But McCain didn't nominate Palin because she's a qualified person for the job; he nominated her because of her gender.

As for all the foaming at the mouth about Palin's rural credentials, hunting moose doesn't make one qualified to be a heartbeat (and an election, thankfully) away from the presidency. I'd rather see a city-slicker with a heart for workers all over the nation than someone who suggested in her inaugural address that we all just need to pull ourselves up from our bootstraps. Never mind the lack of boots.

At least early polls suggest most voters see this political stunt for what it is.

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