Thursday, May 29, 2008

Passing Afternoon

I missed posting about it because I have been at Alta Mons, but yesterday was what would have been James Bond creator Ian Flemming's 100th birthday. In tribute, apparently, a new Bond book has been released. It sounds intriguing enough, and I can't get enough of 007, to add it to my summer list. Thanks to Walt for the heads up. 

Alta Mons is going well. We're finishing up all of the medical training tomorrow and I really do think that the staff is coming together nicely. Coordinating the CITs and the Day Camp isn't the most glamorous job at camp, but I feel so blessed to be there. God shows Himself in the simple things and I really think that the people coming to camp this summer are seeing that already. Alta Mons is no longer the place I grew up. A lot of the identifying features have been changed by logging and new permanent staff, but I just keep trying to remember what Bekah told me last summer about the children running around screaming and playing: It's not any different for them. 

I'll post more and some pictures later, but now it's off to Indiana Jones with the staff. 

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